Third party evaluation of our lighting controller shows short payback time

NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority) funded a study to evaluate the potential of our lighting controller to reduce electricity cost. Here is a highlight from their report: “Installing the adaptive lighting controller on one acre would yield a simple payback period ranging from approximately 3.6 months (with an electricity cost of $0.05/kWh)Continue reading “Third party evaluation of our lighting controller shows short payback time”

Marc van Iersel gives seminar at Texas A&M

Candidus co-founder and horticulture professor at the University gave a seminar for the horticulture department at Texas A&M. He discussed the latest research on lighting approaches done at the University of Georgia. Topics include the effects of far-red light n lettuce growth, screening for rapid growing crops (with a high light use efficiency), and theContinue reading “Marc van Iersel gives seminar at Texas A&M”

Candidus receives $250,000 award from Grow-NY

The 2nd annual Grow-NY start-up business competition announced its winners today. And Candidus has been awarded $250,000 to help grow our company! The competition started with over 260 startup companies who applied to be part of the program. From that large group, 20 finalists were selected in early September. In the past months, we haveContinue reading “Candidus receives $250,000 award from Grow-NY”

Candidus’ Conservation Innovation Grant featured on HortiDaily

HortiDaily, the on-line platform with the latest horticultural news from around the world highlighted Candidus’ latest project: a Conservation Innovation Grant from USDA-NRCS. NRCS and Candidus will collaborate to bring our adaptive lighting technology to the greenhouse industry and to quantify the impact of our lighting control approach. You can read the full story atContinue reading “Candidus’ Conservation Innovation Grant featured on HortiDaily”

HPS or LED: How to choose?

Based on Greenhouse Management’s 2020 ‘State of Lighting Report‘, 1/3 of all greenhouse operations are planning to install, expand, or replace their lighting system in the coming year, with another third planning to do so in the next three years. Clearly, lighting is on everyone’s mind. 92% of greenhouses plan to use LED lights, whileContinue reading “HPS or LED: How to choose?”