Co- founded by Dr. Erico Mattos and Dr. Marc van Iersel, Candidus is based out of Athens, Georgia. We partner with greenhouses to ensure growers maximize their production while minimizing energy costs.

Erico Mattos, PhD
Co-founder & CEO

Erico received his PhD in Crop and Soil Sciences from the University of Georgia in 2013. His research focused on the use of LED’s and feedback mechanisms to better understand how different lighting methods affect photosynthesis.


Marc van Iersel, PhD
Co-founder & CTO

Marc received his PhD in Agronomy from the University of Arkansas in 1994, with a focus on crop physiology. He is currently the Dooley Professor of Horticulture at the University of Georgia where he has been a faculty member since 1994. His career has focused on the development of sustainable and cost-effective greenhouse production methods.


David Hicks
Vice President Of Engineering

David Hicks is Vice President of Engineering, responsible for the development of the company’s light controller product. He has broad engineering and business experience across several of today’s key technologies including computer vision, robotics, IOT technology, and data science. He’s worked for two ATDC (Advanced Technology Development Center) graduate companies including as Director of Business Development for a $115million acquisition. David is a Georgia Tech BSEE graduate and active supporter of Autism Speaks and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation