Lighting Cost Simulator

Lighting Cost Estimator

Our estimator calculates the energy cost using different lighting control strategies: the Candidus adaptive lighting controller, simple threshold control, and turning the lights on for a set number of hours each day. The calculator will show how much energy is used and the monthly cost to run grow lights using these different lighting strategies. Estimates can be done for any U.S. location.

Why Use The Calculator?

Candidus is a company based in plant science and we understand how different lighting control methods can affect your crop and your costs. Running the Candidus adaptive lighting control simulator will demonstrate just how much energy you can save using our technology. 


Using your location’s light data, Candidus can help you determine your supplemental lighting needs based on the DLI required by your crop.


Every greenhouse is different. Location, light transmission, fixture efficiency, and crop light requirements will all affect your energy use.


Learn how much you can save using our lighting control system by comparing it to your current control strategy.

By The Numbers

Benefits & Cost-Savings


energy savings


saved per year per acre

200,000 kWh

saved per acre per year

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Candidus controller was designed by a grower for growers”

“The Candidus light control system offers enhanced control. It has the ability to track trends and look at lighting history. The Candidus controller has the functionality that we want. It is more intuitive than any other light controller that we looked at. The Candidus controller was designed by a grower for growers.”

Paal Elfstrum, CEO of Wheatfield Gardens