HPS or LED: How to choose?

Based on Greenhouse Management’s 2020 ‘State of Lighting Report‘, 1/3 of all greenhouse operations are planning to install, expand, or replace their lighting system in the coming year, with another third planning to do so in the next three years. Clearly, lighting is on everyone’s mind. 92% of greenhouses plan to use LED lights, while 19% of operations are planning to (also) purchase HPS lights. The long-awaited switch from HPS to LED is finally here. But deciding whether LED or HPS is better for your operation is not trivial. LED fixtures are more expensive to purchase, but cheaper to operate. Determining the capital expense associated with LED and HPS fixtures is simple. But how do you to accurately estimate operating expenses?
We can help! Candidus has developed a lighting cost calculator to determine electricity costs for any US location, different lighting systems, and different lighting control strategies. If you want a free, customized estimate of lighting costs in your greenhouse, please contact us at info@candidus.us. No strings attached, although we would love to show you how our lighting control system, coupled with your lights, can help improve your profitability.

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