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Save on Electricity Bills. Control Your Greenhouse Lights!

Learn more about our low-cost trial program starting at $2,500.
Typical ROI in less than 2 years!

Candidus lighting controls integrate with your existing system and provide dynamic lighting and monthly reporting. Take control of your lights in 2021!

Smarter Lighting Means More Savings

Little innovation has happened in greenhouse lighting control in 40 years. Most lighting controllers provide poor control and provide more light than necessary – costing growers money. With dynamic lighting, our lighting controller provides much better control over lighting systems, giving plants the light they need while saving you money, and improving profitability.

About The Trial Program

You pay $2,500 to have the Candidus system installed at your greenhouse for 3 months. You will get a fully functional lighting control system, which will help you optimize your lights on a daily basis, providing just the necessary amount of light to meet your crops’ lighting requirements while reducing energy consumption. You will get reports from Candidus on a monthly basis showing you what the Candidus control system did to optimize your lighting. At the end of the 3-month trial, if you decide not to keep the system, you can return it with no strings attached. But when our clients keep the system installed, they typically see a return on their investment within 2 years thanks to a reduction in electric costs. 

Immediately optimize your current lighting installation
• Enjoy daily savings
• Simple installation
• Provide insights to optimize the system
• Rollover trial costs to the full purchase

The Candidus Advantage

Our system controls the amount of light by constantly measuring and integrating the amount of sunlight received by the plants. Your lights automatically respond to changing weather so your crops get the light they need!

HPS + LED Compatible

Easy to Integrate with Existing Systems

Typical ROI in Less Than 2 Years!

Getting Your Lights Under Control

Traditional greenhouse lights turn on and off regardless of what plants need. Our dynamic lighting control system measures sunlight and controls your lights to provide the daily light integral your plants need. It turns any lighting installation into a dynamic system to meet your crop’s lighting requirements and save you energy. Your lighting can be customized to the specific crops and conditions you need. 

Simple Installation

Seamless Integration with Existing Lighting Controls

Monthly Reporting

How Our Smart Lighting Works

Maximizes return on investment in supplemental lighting systems to ensure reliable and predictable crop production.

Simple Installation. Seamless Integration with Existing Lighting Controls. Monthly Reporting.

Special Lighting Control Trial

Try the full suite of Candidus products – controller, interface, and three months of reporting – for only $2,500.

Join the community of growers taking control of their lighting! A member of the Candidus team will contact you to talk about your lighting needs.

Give us a call with any questions (518) 290-0483

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About Candidus

We’re on a mission to get your greenhouse lighting under control! With over 35+ years of experience in greenhouse R&D, our team comes with the experience and background to help your farm grow.

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