Candidus is a company based in plant science and understands differences in light requirements among crops. Running the Candidus adaptive lighting control simulator will demonstrate just how much energy growers can save using our technology. Send us a note below so we can demonstrate how our lighting controller can work for you!


Using your greenhouse environmental data, Candidus can help you determine your supplemental lighting needs based on the DLI required by your crop.


Every greenhouse is different. Location, light transmission, fixture efficiency and crop light requirements will all effect your energy use.


The Candidus lighting control system constantly measures how much sun light enters the greenhouse and continuously adjusts the supplemental light to assure your crop gets the light it needs.

The simulator shows the energy cost using different lighting control strategies: the Candidus smart lighting controller, simple threshold control (lights turned on for thirty minutes if sunlight level falls below a threshold) and turning the lights on for a set number of hours each day. The calculator will show how much energy is used and the monthly cost to run grow lights using these different lighting strategies.

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