How it Works

1. Growers determine DLI and Photoperiod

2. Candidus controller measures sun light and makes calculations using a proprietary algorithm to determine when and how much light should be provided by the lighting system to achieve the target DLI.

3. Controller sends a signal to your lights to control precisely how much supplemental light is provided.

How Does Our Technology Benefit the Grower?

Candidus controllers increase your greenhouse profitability. Crops provided with supplemental lighting give growers a more consistent crop yield and better crop production predictability. We make sure that your crop receives just the right amount of light at the time it can be best used.
Our adaptive lighting control system provides a solution to growers of all sizes.

Candidus Controller Features and Capabilities

Night Interruption for Control of Flowering

Turns on your lighting system in the middle of the night at low light intensity to provide a required night break with minimum amount of energy.

Day Length Extension

Can keep lights on at very low intensities for plants with photoperiodic requirements even if the target DLI has been achieved. Ensures plants are exposed to the required period of light with no energy waste.

Dimming Control

Adaptive lighting control always provides the right amount of light. Monitoring the sun light throughout the day provides the precise amount of light in the most efficient way possible.


The lighting system can be divided into different zones allowing crops with different lighting requirements and at different growth stages to receive the right amount of light.

Data Analysis

Growers receive monthly lighting reports showing the amount of light received from the sun and the supplemental light provided by the Candidus controller.

Energy Savings

Realized energy savings using the Candidus adaptive lighting control system over non-controlled lights. No excess supplemental light is provided.


Our plant physiologists can provide insights based on data collected at the greenhouse under the growers environmental conditions and lighting system. The customized analysis will optimize the lighting management to reduce energy consumption and achieve consistent production year long.

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